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Pois é, a lista é grande e é promovida pela revista Real Blues Magazine do Canadá. São discos que eles aconselham como "altamente recomendados para compra".
E agora em agosto de 2011 sai uma nova lista, esperamos para ver as novidades.

E tem lançamentos recentes nesta lista e destaque para a presença do nosso brazuca Ari Borger Quarteto com o disco Backyard Jam.

Pode dar uma olhadinha aí que com certeza alguma coisa tem na sua discoteca e se voce conhece e/ou tem alguma coisa da lista diz pra gente !

 112 North Duck: I Took The Hook (Indie)
 2000 LBs of Blues: Soul of A Sinner (Deep Groove Records)
 A.Z. Kenny Tsak Deluxe: Like I Do (56 De Luxe)
 Aaron Burton: Recession Blues (Indie)
 Aaron Williams And The Hoodoo: It Ain’t Easy (Indie)
 Ari Borger Quartet: Backyard Jam (GRV/Brazil)
 Arthur Adams: Stomp The Floor (Delta Groove)
 Back Alley Players: Beyond The Blues (Bone Entertainment)
 Benny Maygarden: Come On, If You’re Coming (Shortstack Records)
 Bernie Pearl: Old School Blues (Bee Bump)
 Bert Deivert: Takin’ Sam’s Advice (Indie)
 Big Apple Blues: Brooklyn Blues (Stone Tone Records)
 Big Bill Morganfield: Born Lover (Black Shuck Records/VizzTone)
 Big Joe Maher And The Dynaflows: You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down (Severn)
 Big Papa & The TCB: Buckshot Love-Live (Dream Pickle)
 Bill Edwards: That’s What I Been Talkin’ About (Indie)
 Billy Lavender: Memphis Livin’ (I55 Productions)
 Billy T. Band: L.O.V.E. (Just A Silly Notion) (Big H Productions)
 Biscuit Miller: Blues With A Smile (Blue Bass)
 Blues Buddha: I Like It A Lot (Stoopid Daddy Records)
 Bobby Dean Blackburn: Don’t Ask…Don’t Tell (Electro Fi)
 Bocce Boogie Featuring Big Walter, Guitar Johnny Nicholas & Ronnie Earl (Topcat)
 Bradley/McGillivray Blues Band: Livin’ This Way (Sense and Soul)
 Brian Cober: Real Far Gone (Indie)
 Cathy Lemons And Johnny Ace: Lemonace (Vizztone)
 Chainsaw Dupont: The Real Guitar Hero (Chicago Blues Records)
 Charlie Musselwhite: The Well (Alligator)
 Chick Willis: Hit & Run Blues (Benevolent Blues)
 Chocolate Thunder: Ear Candy (Indie)
 Chris James/Patrick Rynn: Gonna Boogie Anyway (Earwig)
 Chris Watson: Just For Show (Godor Music)
 Churchwood (Saustex)
 Claudette King: We’re On To Something (Blues Express)
 Craig Brenner & The Crawdads: Live To Love (Craig Brenner Music)
 Cyril Neville: Brand New Blues (MC Records)
 Damon Fowler: Devil Got His Way (Blind Pig/Stony Plain)
 Danny Darst: Exit 10 (Indie)
 Dave Keyes: Roots In The Blues (DKR)
 Dave Perkins: Pistol City Holiness (Lugnot Music)
 Dave Spector: Spectified (Fret 12)
 David Gogo: Soul-Bender (Cordova Bay)
 Deb Callahan: Tell It Like It Is (Blue Pearl)
 Delta Jets: Live (Indie)
 Dennis Johnson: Slide Show (Indie)
 Dennis Jones: Pleasure & Pain (Blue Rock)
 Dmitri Resnik: One Short Of A Dozen (Rusty Nail)
 Doctor Nick & The Rollercoasters: Blues…Straight Ahead (Blue Tube Records)
 Don Ray Band: Lonesome Rider (Margdon Records)
 Don Ray Band: On Top Of The Heap (Margdon Records)
 Doug Deming and the Jewel Tones: Falling Through The Tracks (Mighty Tiger)
 Downchild: I Need A Hat (Linus)
 Dudley Taft: Left For Dead (Big Woody Music)
 Duke Robillard: Passport To The Blues (Stony Plain)
 Elam McNight & Bob Bogdal: Zombie Nation (Indie)
 Electrofied: Bad Case Of The Blues (Marva)
 Elmore Jame s Jr. And The Broomdusters: Baby Please Set A Date (Wolf)
 Elvin Bishop: Raisin’ Hell Revue (Delta Groove)
 Ernie Payne: Coercion Street (Black & Tan) * Voted Album Of The Decade/All Genres
 Floyd McDaniel: West Side Baby (Delmark)
 Gene Taylor W. CC Jerome’s Jet Setters: Let Me Ride in your Automobile (El Toro)
 Georgette Fry: Back In A Moment (Spare Rib)
 Glenn Kaiser’s Cardboard Box (Grrr Records)
 Grady Champion: Dreamin’ (Grady Shady)
 Greg Zlap: Air (Le Chant du Monde/S.R.)
 Guitar Shorty: Bare Knuckle (Alligator)
 Hamilton Loomis: Live In England (Ham-Bone Records)
 Hollywood Fats & The Paladins: Live 1985 (Topcat)
 Hosea Hargrove: Texas Golden Nugget (Dialtone)
 Jake Lear: Lost Time Blues (Indie)
 James Day & The Fish Fry: Firecracker (Neon Blue)
 James Kinds: Love You From The Top (Delmark)
 Jerome Godboo: Humdinger (Indie)
 Jim’s Combo: Tune Up! (Tune Up Records)
 Joe Louis Walker: Between A Rock And The Blues (Stony Plain)
 Joe Murphy featuring Bharath Rajakumar: She Moves Me (Canard Noir Records)
 Joe Price: Rain Or Shine (Blues Ace Productions)
 John Primer: Call Me John Primer (Wolf)
 John-Alex Mason: Jook Joint Thunderclap (Naked Jaybird Music)
 Johnny & The Motones: Nothin’ To Lose (Altenburgh)
 Johnny B and The Goodes: Have Mercy (Big Mo)
 Johnny Max Band: It's A Long Road (Pour Soul)
 Johnny Moeller: BloogaLoo! (Severn)
 Junior Wells & The Aces: Live In Boston 1966 (Delmark) *Vintage Recordings
 Kevin Selfe And The Tornadoes: Playing The Game (Blue Skunk)
 King’s Highway: The Line (Rat Pack)
 Kirby Sewell: A Tonic For Your Soul (Indie)
 Kirsten Thien: Delicious (Screen Door Records)
 Lance Lopez: Salvation From Sundown (Mig-Music/Germany)
 Laurence ‘Lucky Man’ Beall: The Huntsville Sessions (Indie)
 Lee ‘Shot’ Williams: I’m The Man For The Job (CDS)
 Linda Hornbuckle/Janice Scroggins: Sista (PsycheDelta)
 Little Joe Washington: Texas Fire Line (Dialtone)
 Long John Hunter: Looking For A Party (Blues Express)
 Louis King: That And A Quarter (Shock Records)
 Louisiana Swamp Stomp w Fran,  Gray & Garner (Honeybee Entertainment)
 Mac Arnold & Plate Full Of Blues: Country Man (Vizztone)
 Marcia Ball: Roadside Attractions (Alligator)
 Mark Tolstrup & Dale Haskell: Street Corner Holler (Root Blues)
 Matt Hill: On The Floor (VizzTone)
 Matt Walker: Low Down (Indie)
 Matt Walsh & Christian Bleiming: MC Shuffle (Acoustic Music)
 Matthew Stubbs: Medford & Main (Blue Bella)
 Mel Brown: Love Lost And Found (Electro Fi)
 Meyer Rossabi: Blues Is The Color (Indie)
 Michael Osborn & The Drivers: The Glamorous Life (Checkerboard Records)
 Mighty Sam McClain: Betcha Didn’t Know (Mighty Music)
 Mike Eldred Trio: 61 And 49 (20110)
 Mike Hall: Have Guitarz…Will Travel (Indie)
 Mike Hallal Band: Hatchet Blues (Pi Records)
 Mike Pachelli: Melting Point (Fullblast Recordings)
 Mississippi Heat: Let’s Live It Up! (Delmark)
 Nellie ‘Tiger’ Travis: I’m A Woman (CDS)
 Nick Moss: Privileged (Blue Bella)
 Pat Cooley: Cougar (L&L Records)
 Pat Pepin: In It For The Long Haul (Indie)
 Patrick Sweany: That Old Southern Drag (Nine Mile Records)
 Paul Filipowicz Live: Chickenwire (Big Jake)
 Peaches Staten: Live At Legends (Swississippi Records)
 Pete Anderson: Even Things Up (Little Dog/Vizztone)
 Peter Novelli (Chalet Music)
 Peter Struijk Featuring Taildragger: Human Ways (Blueshine Records/Holland)
 Phil Berkowitz: All Night Party (Dirty Cat Records)
 Phil Gates: Addicted To The Blues (DCT Productions)
 Phil Gates: Addicted To The Blues (Indie)
 Piano Red: The Lost Atlantic Tapes (Landslide Records *Vintage Recording
 Piney Brown: One Of These Days (Bonedog)
 Plainfield Slim: Another Mule In The Barn (Indie)
 Quintus McCormack Blues Band: Hey Jody! (Delmark)
 R.B. Stone: Lonesome Traveller’s Blues (Middle Mountain)
 Raoul And The Big Time: You My People (Big Time)
 Ray Bailey: Resurrection (Tondef Records)
 Reverend K. M. Williams: When I Rise (Dialtone)
 Richard Ray Farrell And The Spanish Band: Camino de Sanlucar (Blue Beet)
 Rick Estrin And The Nightcats: Twisted (Alligator)
 Rick Godfrey: Nasty Man (Serenity Hill)
 Rick Welter Band: I’m All Yours (Bluestopia)
 Ricky Gene Hall & The Goods: Bam! (Yard Dawg Records)
 Rob Stone: Back Around Here (Earwig)
 Robi Zonca: So Good (Tube Jam Records)
 Robson Fernandes: Cool (Indie/Brazil)
 Rocky Jackson: Testify! (High Life)
 Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters: Spread The Love (Stony Plain)
 Roomful of Blues: Hook, Line & Sinker (Alligator)
 Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce: Tales From Lenny’s Diner (Indie)
 Shaun Murphy: Livin’ The Blues (Vision Wall Records)
 Shawn Pittman With The Moeller Bros: Triple Troubles (Feelin’ Good Records)
 Shawn Pittman: Edge Of The World (Delta Groove)
 Shawn Pittman: Meridian (Indie)
 Shawn Pittman: Movin’ & Groovin’ (Feelin’ Good Records)
 Shawn Pittman: Too Hot (Feelin’ Good)
 Shirley Johnson: Blues Attack (Delmark)
 Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King: Have Blues Will Travel (Alligator)
 Stevie J.: The Diversity Project (Blue Skunk)
 Sweet Claudette: Live In The Studio (Blue Skunk)
 Terry ‘Big T’ Williams: Jump Back…Big T’s In The House (Blumert Enterprise)
 Texas Slim: Driving Blues (Topcat)
 The 17th Street Band: Positively 17th Street (17th Street Records)
 The Aces: No One Rides For Free (El Toro)
 The Blue Voodoo: Back To The Shack (Blue Voodoo)
 The Cliffhanger Project (Topcat)
 The Curbfeelers: Grit ‘N’ Groove (Indie)
 The Delgado Brothers: Learn To Fly (Bell Asher Records)
 The Delta Flyers: Sixteen Bars (Soulbilly Records)
 The Hinton Hart Band: Let’s Get Together (Indie)
 The Informants: Crime Scene Queen (Wipe It Off! Records)
 The Plain Hard Truth: Bad Case of Déjà Vu (Indie/Cold Truth Music)
 The Soul of John Black: Black John (Eclecto Groove)
 The Strangetones: We’re On Our Way (Meteor Sonic Records)
 The Terry Eckard Band: Angelene (Waggletone Records)
 Tia Carroll (Big Cat Records)
 Tip Of The Top: Rock Tonight (Delta King Records)
 Todd Sharpville: Porchlight (MIG)
 Tom ‘Blues Man’ Hunter: Down In The Bottom (Great Blues Recordings)
 Tom Feldmann & The Get-Rites: Tribute (Magnolia)
 Tommy Brown: Rockin’ Away My Blues (Bonedog)
 Tommy Castro Presents “The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue (Alligator)
 Tommy Lee Cook: Buckingham Peace Of Mind (Indie)
 Too Slim and The Taildraggers: Free Your Mind (Underworld Records)
 Trampled Under Foot: Wrong Side Of The Blues (Vizztone)
 Travis ‘Moonchild’ Haddix: If I’m One, You’re One Too (CDS)
 Tre: I’m Through With The Blues (Wolf)
 Troy Turner: Whole Lotta Blues (Evidence)
 Various Artists: Blue Midnight (Last Buzz)
 Victor Wainwright and The Wild Roots: Beale St. To The Bayou (Wild Roots Records)
 Wayne and Wildroot: One Hell Of A Ride (Reconciled Records)
 Wes Mackey: Beyond Words (Bluesline)
 Willie Buck: The Life I Love (Delmark)
 Zakiya Hooker: Keeping It Real (Boogie With The Hook Productions)

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